aLi-Om ........ is an artist and designer of some 20 years experience, specialising in electronic imaging, print & design, and website authoring.

aLi was introduced to Lee Harris by Clive Chouings of the Vibe Tribe at an extrordinary party of The Society for the Reformation of Ancient Enchantment at Glastonbury in late 1998. This event drew so many creative minds together and planted the seeds of so many present and future projects including the making of
"Alchemy - 30 Years of Counter Culture".

Inspired by Lee's uplifting spoken word at the Glastonbury event, aLi later visited him, appropriately, at his shop in Portobello Road. A great friendship was established and later, in a chance telephone conversation, the idea of bringing together all of Lee's musician friends in a CD project was discussed. Lee had long been inspired by his friend Youth
and so the spark was ignited.

ali-Om went on to direct and create the visual presentation of the Alchemy project
with a colourful 12 page booklet and also this website.

According to Lee"his vision and foresight made it all happen".

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