The Alchemy Album Project

by d.j. Dark Angel (
"My mate Ali gave me a copy of Alchemy at Inna?Turtle, my Psy-Trance afternoon in Camden, a couple of weeks ago... I knew it was coming, and was looking forward to it.

So, it was on the same Saturday night that I got it on the system. To be honest, it exceeded my expectations. I just had to listen to it 2 or 3 times ;-). It's obviously a work of love - so much work has gone into it - have you seen the people involved? It's as you'd expect from such people as Lee Harris, Drezz, Simon Posford, Raja Ram,.... Oh heck, have a look at the artists yourselves!

The entire album puts you in the place we all love to be - away from the bullshit of conventional life. It starts perfectly chilled, dubby even, and by way of a meandering Howard Marks and the Mystery School Players, arrives at Shpongle. Loads of flute work morphs seemlessly into a kicking Psy-Trance Nervasystem & Aether tune. Dammit, it's so good I've already started playing it at gigs!

What more do you want to know? The production is great. Ali's done a great job with the artwork, and I even got a free packet of specially produced ciggie papers to go with the album. It seems a shame to use them, so I won't. I'll keep them as a souvenir instead ;-).
You think it makes me happy? Darn right it does!"

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