The Alchemy Album Project

REVIEW by d.j. Greg Prism (Bubble Jam DeLite #10)
Alchemy: The Science of Converting Base Metals to Gold

I was told that this is a "various" album. Taken as a whole, this collection of tracks covers a
huge amount of territory giving the term "various" a new lease of life.

The first three tracks are dub tracks. First off is by the Drum Druids. Deep dub, introducing us to the album and Lee's spoken voice.This is not too demanding but a total sound.

Scarcely aware of moving on to track 2 by An-Unna-Ki until the purity of Yasmin's vocals rise above the music.

Track 3 by the Bush Chemists is more like a traditional old style dub track and the vocals made me think of ganja, which made me chuckle as the next track features none other than the infamous Howard Marks. Howard and the jazzy Mystery School Players take us and a giggling Lee Harris down a creek with riddles for paddles and answers at the other end.

Track 5 by Triplicity takes us into calm celtic waters and the brain is allowed to
rest for a moment before track 6. The Mystery School Players pick up the thread of Harris' voice as he tells us about "Alchemy". We are now familiar with the laconic voice of Lee Harris and realise that it acts as a thread weaving throughout the album.

On into Shpongle, a beautiful haunting flute tune that could be a little disappointing for Shpongle lovers who have heard Simon Posford and Raja Ram write more than a few psychedelic masterpieces.

The tempo increses for track 8 , a deep throbber with a hint of old acid, by Nervasytem & Aether. Staying in line with an old style, Transparent's Quantum Soup is a more euphoric
track and reminded me of psychedelic in pre "trance" days. The old style feel is still present in the strangely progressive and beautiful world of Pop, soothed and raked slightly by Crystal of Art you are at the end of an interesting journey. A well put together blend of old and new for those that like a bit of variety with their cup of tea.