The Alchemy Album Project

REVIEW from WeedWorld Weed World Issue No 41 (Oct.2002)

Lee Harris mentioned this cd to me quite a while ago so it was interesting to receive this pre release review copy to have a listen to. I know there have been a multitude of people working on it for a long time but I didn¹t quite realise how many people had become involved in the project. The project was inspired by Lee¹s long time friend and musician/producer Youth who first planted the seed. The first session began (music session) in a portobello area studio when Sean Williams (Process) and Drezz of Nervasystem got together as "The Mystery School Players".

This ten track CD kicks off with Underground Influences by the Drum Druids with vocals from Lee, a reggae orientated chillin stylee track which moves you into the album nice and smoothly.

Second up comes Chained by AN-UNNA-KI which has another deep reggae feel with plenty of bass to de rydum but the vocals are light and uplifting giving an almost airy feel which uplifts you.

Third up is Top Dub Special by the BUSH CHEMISTS which is full on tripped out reggae with all the musical sounds and effects for the humble stoner, hope you like your bass.

Next we have Three Men in a Boat which features Howard Marks, Lee Harris and The Mystery School Players. This one really made me laugh, you can tell these guys had a real ball making this track, you can hear them trying to keep it real but failing miserably and cracking up throughout the tune, had me in stitches listening to Howard and Lee problem solving.

Now for a real change of pace from TRIPLICITY and Rune to the Sea God Lir, this is a real celtic style chillin track that immediately makes you think of all things medieval and dare I say it Clannad like. Really nice track brings you down to earth and straightens you right up making you feel at one with the universe.

Alchemical Changes by LEE HARRIS and THE MYSTERY SCHOOL PLAYERS features Lee¹s distinctive voice backed by some cool trippy sounds ready to make you trip out again.

Saudade (part II) by SHPONGLE is a real chill out tune featuring some excellent flute work, chilled me right out and made me really listen, thought I¹d put a Tim Wheater cd in by mistake, real relaxing stuff.

Prankst*r from NERVASYSTEM and AETHER starts to take you right back up there and has a dancy flava to it which gets you kickin. Quantum Soup by TRANSPARENT tells you about the "portabello triangle" and a dancy beat based track to get you up an movin about, definitely not a tune to sit down to.

Blessed Be - all the pain will set u free, as soon as this track started it started to remind me of Steve Hillage but then seemed to take on an eighties theme with Hillage in the background, some clever mixing with Lee¹s voice giving it some throughout this track.

All in all a good cd that¹s definitely worth a listen to both chill and dance to.