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    "Mystery School Ensemble" by Mystery School Ensemble
    (audio CD album, 1st general release edition of "Esoteric Sound Suite" ... ARTCD 001 ... released by Artifact Records, London, England, November 2003 ... e-mail: sean@artifactrecords.com ... tel: +44 (0)7712 669 562 ... engineered by Sean Williams ... produced & arranged by Drezz ... executive production by Nicky Flood ... cover art by Alex Thynne ... contains 12 tracks [7 of which do not appear on the pre-release]...

      Mystery School Players: James Burnham, bass, guitar ... Aviva Davidson, bass ... Drezz, bass, guitar, hand drum, keyboards, piano, producer, programming ... Nicky Flood, horns, trombone, trumpet ... Callum Hodgkins, drums ... Tom Menair, acoustic guitar ... James Morton, alto sax ... River Petein, alto sax ... Roxana Pope, vocals ... Pete Vilk, percussion ... Sean Williams, engineer, guitar, synthesizer...
    keywords: "This is real music made by real people. This is definitely an album best enjoyed after a nice pipe of your favourite herb... oh yes!" -- (in Pure Weed, Issue 1, 2004)
    "Chill, jazzy, and trance. Highly recommended." -- Henry W.Targowski


    "Never Again" by JC-001
    (VHS copy of music video, single, ? minutes ... released by Anxious Records/EastWest Records, London, England, 19?? ... written and performed by JC-001...

      JC-001, Jonathon Chandra Pandy, artist, performer, poet...
      cameo appearances by local Portobello Road regulars, including: Lee Harris; with multi-cultural locations in London, England...
    keywords: anti-racism, beatbox, bohemian movement, civil liberties, counterculture, dance culture, freedom, human rights, justice, liberty, multi-culturalism, music, performance, poetry, rap, spoken word, underground ... england, india, ireland, wales)


    Photographs of Allen Ginsberg and Lee Harris, 1995
    (online images, taken from video recording ... Allen Ginsberg live at the Megatripolis club, London, England, Thursday 19 October 1995...

      alternative, beat generation, beat scene, bohemian movement, club scene, counterculture, poems, poetry, social history, underground)

    "The PinkyPoos Experience" produced by Angelica Campion
    (video, 60 minutes, spoof films and performance footage extracts ... unleashed by PinkyPoos, London, England, 2003... directed by Alan Conway ... winner of the 2003 Portobello Film Festival award for 'Most Popular Film'...

      'Psycho', 'The Shining', 'Chapati-pati Bangrha', 'Poos Fiction', 'Pootrix'...
      Bertie Anderson, Pip Baily, Angelica Campion, Marcus Daborn...
    contains: includes:
      Kevin Armstrong, Oliver Campion, Alan Conway, Cube, Marie-Heléna Cuckow, Julian Fox, JC-001, Tony Lovatt, Blair Mackichan, Earl Okin, Howard Marks, Miles Winter Roberts, Sacred People, Ruby Sangha, Soul, Dr Stewart, Marjorie Terris, Phillipa Whiting...
      alternative, cabaret, comedy, counterculture, dada, film, humour, kitsch, music, performance, surrealism, theatre, underground)

    "The Product"/"Perpetual Culture Shock" by Howard Marks with Lee Harris and the Mystery School Ensemble
    (audio 12-i nch vinyl single ... ART 1202 ... released by Artifact Music, London, England, 2003 ... produced and engineered by Drezz & Sean Williams ... Nicky Flood, trumpet, trombone ... Sean Williams, guitar ... Drezz, bass ... Howard Marks and Lee Harris, voices...
    Artifact Records, Drezz ... Nicky Flood, horns ... Lee Harris, Howard Marks, Mystery School Ensemble, Sean Williams...
    also see:

    keywords: "What do you get when you combined two aging gracefully dope heads trying to outwit themselves by playing intelectually stimulating word duels to deep lazy groove and liquid brass of Mystery Schools? You get amused hoping that one day Mr Nice will get Lee. You also get a chance to listen to Howard Marks telling porky pies in his hypnotic voice to funky and eclectic background chilled with Nicky Flood's trombone. Fraser would say, eff.
    "Interesting and collectable. Apparently everyone does it!" -- Mr Rogilla (in Bubble Jam Delite, Issue 15, June 2003)


    "Tales of the Inexpressible" by Shpongle
    (audio CD album, trance music, 1st general release edition ... TWSCD 13 ... released by Twisted Records, London, England, 200? ... e-mail: mail@twisted.co.uk ... tel: +44 (0)20 7736 38? ... written & produced by Simon Posford & Raja Ram ... contains 9 tracks...

      Simon Posford, engineer, producer ... Raja Ram, flute, spoken word ... Shpongle...
    keywords: "A wonderful mind journey with fluid sound production. Excellent!" -- Henry W.Targowski


    What Sadie Did Next, 2004
    (tv programme series, 30 minutes ... Howard Marks interviewed by Sadie Frost ... originally shown on Channel E4, 22:30 hours, Thursday, ?, 2004, England...

      a brief segment shot at the Alchemy shop, 261 Portobello Road, London, W11 1LR, England; and a soundbite interview with Henry W.Targowski regarding cannabis reclassification as class C...
      plus additional footage shot in: Daddy Vigo's record shop, All Saints Road, London, W11, England ... Eve's Café, Portebello Road, London, W11, England ... Market Bar, corner of Portebello Road and Lancaster Road, London, W11, England...

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