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Artifact Music
(music label homepage...Artifact Music, London, England...records, CDs, music, instrumentals, spoken word, Sean Williams, Drezz, dance culture, counterculture, underground, Nicky Flood, Howard Marks, Lee Harris)

Brian Barritt
(personal homepage...Brian Barritt, author, books, krautrock, music, records, CDs, gigs, psychedelics, LSD, counterculture, underground, Timothy Leary, Lee Harris, altered states)

(cannabis periodical...CCNewz, PO Box 2700, Lewes, BN8 5AQ, England...e-mail: editor@ccnewz.com..."The Newspaper for the Cannabis Community"...cannabis, marijuana, hashish, underground, counterculture, social history)

Dragonfly Records & Liquid Sound Design
(music label homepage...Dragonfly Records, London, England...Youth, music, records, CDs, gigs, Killing Joke, Brian Barritt, counterculture, underground, dance culture, techno, dub, trance music, altered states)

(personal homepage...JC-001, Jonathan Chandra Pandy, music, records, CDs, gigs, rap, beatbox, poetry, PinkyPoos, Outcast Posse, Le Peuple de l'Herbe, Nitin Sawhney, Badmarsh, Shri, Natasha Atlas, George Clinton and P-Funk All-Stars, dance culture, counterculture, underground)

Ali Om
(personal homepage...Alistair Smith, graphic design, computer graphics, bookcovers, CD covers, flyers, websites, internet, counterculture, underground, psychedelia, dance culture, global psy-trance community)

Howard Marks
(personal homepage...Howard Marks, books, articles, music, gigs, cannabis, marijuana, hashish, smuggling, counterculture, underground, Wales, England, social history)

(research website...compiled by Henry W.Targowski...Henry W.Targowski, anarchy, beat generation, books, conspiracy, counterculture, cyberculture, cyberpunk, economics, futurology, nanotechnology, neurologic, robotics, psychedelics, science fiction, space migration, underground, utopia, world issues)

(homepage...Megatripolis club at Heaven, London, England...club scene, counterculture, underground, dance culture, trance music, 1990s)

Bryan Talbot
(personal homepage...Bryan Talbot, books, comics, comix, graphic novels, Brainstorm
, underground, counterculture, psychedelics, England)

TipWorld Records
(music label homepage...Tip Records, London, England...music, records, CDs, gigs, Raja Ram, Shpongle, counterculture, underground, dance culture, club scene, trance music, techno, instrumentals, altered states)

Twisted Records
(music label homepage...Twisted Records, London, England...Simon Posford, music, records, CDs, gigs, Shpongle, Raja Ram, counterculture, underground, dance culture, trance music, fusion, altered states)

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