Allen Ginsberg

Lee Harris: "I am a great admirer of American beat poet Allen Ginsberg
and hope to publish an extensive archive on him here. Meanwhile..."

  • Introduction to Megatripolis Appearance by Lee Harris
    (on the occasion of Allen Ginsberg's appearance at the Megatripolis club in London,
    England, on thursday 19 October 1995...this appearance was documented by a film
    crew, independently shot on video, and internet transmitted to the Cyberia café.)
    You can view some stills here.

Additional Links

Amerika On-Line -- Talk with Allen Ginsberg
(interview by
Mark Amerika)

Literary Kicks -- Allen Ginsberg Biography
Levi Asher's biography of Allen Ginsberg with a link to bibliography)
"This site has really and truly developed, it's probably the best overview
on the beat scene available on the internet... the personal interest of one
triggered the joint effort of others... do check it's absolutely
wonderful and most highly recommended."
Henry W.Targowski.

Shadow Changes Into Bone -- Mongo's Allen Ginsberg Page
("My goal is to be the clearinghouse for all information on Allen Ginsberg
existing on the Web. I think I've gone a long way toward that goal,
with several hundred links, pointing to poems, photos, interviews,
articles, commentary, humor and other assorted Ginsbergia." Mongo BearWolf)
"A truly major resource on Ginsberg... very highly recommended."

Henry W.Targowski.

Click here for Allen Ginsberg at Megatripolis

Neal Cassidy & Jack Kerouac
( Picture taken in San Francisco,1952 by Carolyn Cassidy)

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